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What Is Voice Search & Why It’s Important for Cosmetic/plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeons

In 2012 Google stated that there were more than 1.2 trillion searches made, now this numbers have grown much more and reached to 2 trillion. These increasing numbers also give a rise to complexities in search, in the result, new ways of the search are implemented and upgraded to provide a better user experience.
Here comes the Voice Search, A new, not that much, way of searching for queries. Why it has become so popular and how impactful it is on SEO for plastic surgeons Strategy making as well as how it could be very useful for Cosmetic Surgeons to build up their next SEO Marketing Strategy?

We are going to answer all these questions on the blog. So stay and have a look

Voice Search or Voice Enabled Search

It is the most innovative form of searching for queries on the internet in the devices which support voice search feature. They could be smartphones, smart speakers like Amazon Echo & Google Home and other digital assistants. The feature is mostly used in smartphones but not only for searching queries also to launch programmes, request information, search for file and dial phone. The most popular voice assistant that is being used on most devices is Google Voice Assistant, Siri and Cortana. These voice tools are installed and used in the most of the devices today, and usage is on high peaks.

Significance of Voice Search In SEO

Why it is important to cosmetic surgeons and clinics that they build their website and content in a way which is easily recognizable by voice search.

seo for plastic surgeons

Here are the reasons why?

Numbers Speak

20 percent of the searches are now made on google via a voice search. So it becomes very useful for cosmetic surgeons to upgrade in a way because people search queries like “best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi” or “Location of best cosmetic centre in Andheri”. Young generation are making most of voice search, and they are the most interested in taking cosmetic procedures.

Digital Assistants

More than 60 million of people in the US use voice enables digital assistants to search queries and do basic stuff on monthly basis. The tally is increasing each month so now for cosmetic surgeons it has becomes important to re-modify their SEO Strategy to target this audience.

Optimizing Your Website For Voice Search

website optimization
In the month of may, 2016 Sundar Pichai said that 20 percent of searches made on Google were voice based (on android devices). The increase in reliability and extension of technologies available have made voice searches more common. With voice searches on the rise, it may play a key part in local internet marketing.

So, How can you re-modify your website to, strategically, enabling it for better voice search results?

Make Use Of Commonly Spoken Informal Language

When trying to optimize the content for voice search, use the informal language that is commonly used in the specific area, it will help the user finding your clinic’s place more easily. In cosmetic surgery queries people often search like ‘best clinic for Rhinoplasty in Indore’ or ‘best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.’ Using optimized informal language can help in your clinic place to be found in relevant searches.

Create FAQ Pages

It is a great way to add common informal language to your website. You can use a conversational tone for answering the question that people will use in voice search. Like if you provide dimple creation surgery then the question might include language like “ on which part of the cheeks I can have dimples after dimple creation surgery”. If somebody now puts voice query like this then your content would come first in results.

voice search and seo

Website Crawl

Create your website in a way that can be crawled easily by bots in addition to matching the sitemap submitted will ensure the correct information is given to search engines. This will help bots understand what you do and helping users find throughout the voice searches.

Near Me

Search ‘Near me’ in google and the results come would be based on your physical location in relation to your clinic. This type of search signifies the importance of ‘optimizing your clinic listings’ on different platforms and online directories. Choose your service/business type wisely for listing as results comes in relation to the type you choose.

Mobile Friendly Website

Most of the voice searches are now come on mobile devices so creating a mobile friendly website is an important part of your SEO Strategy. Choose right graphics, content and a website design that can be easily used on mobile devices. If your website is mobile friendly, then you might miss coming in voice results. Build a great website for better transparency in voice search.

How we are a big help for Cosmetic Surgeons

We are a Digital Marketing firm working specifically for cosmetic surgeons for creating compelling website content and SEO strategy which can generate the genuine leads and help in getting more clients.

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