What is Mobile friendly Website Anyway?

04 04-2015
What is Mobile friendly Website Anyway?


According to the recent survey by The Hindu in India, 60%-75% of people access the web from a mobile device. That is huge, and the total Internet user base stood at 278 million at the end of October 2014 quarter and is estimated to grow to 354 million by June 2015

Do you know how many visitors are using a mobile device to view your website?
Have you ever tried to visit a website from a mobile or other devices like tablet, laptop or etc. only to leave because the site doesn’t display properly on your screen? You might spend a few seconds trying to zoom in and zoom out and find the content you need, but finally, you end up leaving the site frustrated. Don’t frustrate your patients with a website that doesn’t adjust to their mobile device. You need a “Responsive Website” with web pages that look great at any size.

Responsive website for cosmetic surgeons
As Cosmetic surgeons, your job is to respond to your patient’s needs first. As India’s 1st and exclusive website designers for cosmetic surgeons, our job is to build a site that responds to your patient’s browsing needs. In 2015, our web designers are passionate about the research on the user experience. We consider every detail from the way patients find the site to how it looks on their mobile and other devices. It responds to the device your patient is using. As a result, A smooth transformation of your website aim to your patients and that won’t leave your patients frustrated or disappointed.

Google LOVES responsive websites
Search engines like Google loves responsive websites, which means your website will rank higher on Google just because it is mobile friendly that’s because website visitors spend more time on responsive websites, especially on mobile devices, which earns quality in Google’s eyes. If people are spending more time on your website and not leaving within the first few seconds it results as Google will accept that as a sign of a high quality website, which translates into higher rankings when someone searches for a cosmetic surgeon like you.

3. Optimizing Exclusively for Search Engines
Make content for the reader, not for the device!Keyword stuffing idea results to be an hard-hitting tool to gain a high search engine ranking, but Google caught on to this plan of action a long time ago. Most of the SEO occurs in the title and description tags, while the content should be formulated for humans. Maintain a intelligent keyword density, offers high-quality content, and supply worth information for which patients will search to yield a boost in ranking and traffic.

Automatically fit in any screen size
Typically, a mobile website is a separate site that requires you to manually update the information when you make a change. With a responsive design, everything is in one place. No more wondering if you remembered to update your office hours or contact information on your mobile website.

Here are tips on how to get the most out of a mobile website.

  1. Your logo and or practice name should be visible in the design on all pages.
  2. Don’t use heavy graphics and use text wherever possible to insure a fast download.
  3. On images you do use, make sure they are compressed for quick download.
  4. Important phone numbers should be clearly displayed and include “click to call” functionality so that the number dials when tapped.
  5. Only include a scaled down version of your navigation with larger, easy to click buttons and only the most pertinent content. Try to limit the site’s pages.
  6. Include an online map that launches driving directions right on the phone.
  7. Include a link back to the main website.
  8. Use browser detection code that automatically redirects a visitor who comes to your main site from a phone, to the mobile version.
  9. Remember to add links to your Social Media Pages from the mobile version.

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