What if your practice does not have budget for social media?

24 01-2015
What if your practice does not have budget for social media?


Marketing in today’s world is very important in all phases of life- this includes a medical practice as well. You may have the best skills as a professional medical, a state of the art facility and a champion team to support you. But all this will not result into business till the time patients don’t actually find you and decide to visit you.

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There are so many choices available today for the clients that it has become really important to be visible and differentiated with your competitors. Social media can help you in achieving this in no mean ways. Hence it is worth out while to evaluate the power of using Social media for our practice.

Now apart from you tradition marketing budget if you are ignoring social media marketing so you have to think twice …..WHY?

See a survey conducted 2010 -2014


Aproximately 77 % marketing budgets have been spent on Social Media though it has been varied with time.

“ Oxzin Infotech has been partner with health-care practice and clinic organization and helps them concentrating on ROI (Return On Investment) on social media by bringing ample new patient and leads with in specific budgets”

Social media stands for various collaboration sites where general public post messages to keep in touch with each other. The popular ones include Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. You can advertise on these portals and use a host of other techniques to be visible on these websites. But what if you do not have the budget to spend on the social media advertisement? There is no need to despair even then. There are alternate ways to still be visible on the social media pages.

What If you dont have sufficient budget for social media?

Still you can make of best of it by giving continuous little effort :

The first and foremost thing is to have a presence on all these portals.

  1. Your practice must have a professional page on each of the websites.
  2. The page needs to provide information about the service offerings and expertise of the team in a crisp, engaging manner.
  3. Remember that there should be uniformity in the content that you post on each of the pages.
  4. Next thing is to drive your satisfied customers to these pages and encourage them to leave a testimonial for the services you provided.
  5. You may want to run a survey and ask your patients to respond to that. The survey should be simple and quick to respond to for effective results. Reviews provided by satisfied customers act as word of mouth publicity.
  6. Everybody wants to get the treatment done by someone who has had good reviews about his services.


Posting quality content regularly on your social media pages is also an effective method to drive traffic to your social media pages and increase awareness about your practice. Organizing some activities in the community and posting details about it on your page may also be a good idea to drive traffic to your page.

Social media is a great way to create the awareness about your services in the loal community. Likes on a page and following a page works in a similar manner as word of mouth publicity. While it is difficult to gauge the direct benefit coming out of social media traffic, more the number of likes on your page, more visitors are aware about your services. That increases the probability of increasing the number of patients visiting you for the treatment.

Sophistication in social media promotion includes creating an attractive, graphic and video embedded skins for your website and social media pages, running sophisticated SEO based campaigns on search engines and social media ads.

While these activities may not be as expensive as tradition promotion through TV and print ads, it still requires a budget and a specialized agency to run it. While social media promotion on shoestring budget can also bring some benefits, it is prudent to set aside some budget for these activities and utilize it effectively.

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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