What Can You Do To Convert Online Health Seekers Into New Patients?

31 03-2017
What Can You Do To Convert Online Health Seekers Into New Patients?


“What can be the best way to convert a health seeker into new patients? This is really an important question for all the cosmetic surgery hospitals or clinics. Surely, the answer of this question will be cosmetic surgery marketing.”.

There are lot of clinics are available in every place. All are willing to provide the best services. in this case, wise patients like to choose the best option for the treatment.

What do they do initially?

    • 1. A well-planned research: For a marketing professional, the study of the behavior of a patient can be a first step in making a marketing plan. Today’s patients are educated enough to conduct a detailed research before they decide to choose a health clinic.

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    • 2. Offline Vs Online: In this research, both of the offline and online ways are used, but according to a fresh marketing research, the greater percentage of the patients conducts an online research for the treatment.
      As some of the offline ways, the patients look for the information in the newspapers and magazines, they talk to their friends or relative. Sometimes they try to interview an old patients or sometimes. They personally visit the clinic to have some initial meetings with the doctors.
    • 3. Effective Online Tools: Modern patients are equipped with various online tools for conducting health research. This fact can be very crucial for the cosmetic surgery marketing campaign. The professionals who do digital marketing for the plastic surgeons can target the patients who are present online for the health research.
      Some of the main online ways the patients use are given below:
    •    a.) Search engines: According to the experts, more than 85% of the patients conduct a research before they reach a final decision and more than 75% of the patients use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
    •    b.) Websites of the clinics: A lot of patients directly go to the website of the clinic to find relevant information about the cosmetic surgeons, treatment procedures, cost of the treatments, and other offers etc.
    •    c.) Blogs: A number of patients check some blogs if it is possible to find some blog made by a cosmetic surgeon. With the help of the blog, the patients try to check the quality and validity of the surgeon.
    •    d.) Social media As a general observation, more than 20% of conversations on social websites are about a health-related issue. It means social media is playing a vital role in connecting the patient facing different health issues. It means social media pages made by hospitals or clinics can be a great tool for the digital marketing for plastic surgeons.
    •    e.) Local listing websites: To know about all the local cosmetic clinics, many of the patients look in the local listings of the cosmetic surgeons as most of the patients like to have the treatment in a nearby clinic.

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    • 4. What can be a Better Plan for Cosmetic Surgery SEO? As we see, most of the patients are present online for seeking for health related information. All the cosmetic surgeons can attract them by making a powerful digital marketing plan. The plan may include the following steps:
    • Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency: Hire a digital marketing agency can be a crucial step for enhancing the marketing strategy and attracting more customers. A digital marketing agency applies all the modern techniques that are the best to utilize the online presence of the health seekers.
    • Build a powerful website: You can develop a website that is full of valid information. Making a powerful presence with enhancing the quality of the services is the best approach for the cosmetic surgery marketing campaign.
    • Start to manage a blog: Blogging is a new age tool for telling the customers about the services provided by the clinic. Most probably, the visitors of the website check the blog when they arrive at the website. it means, having a blog and updating it regularly can be very effective for cosmetic surgery marketing. A blog can be a part of the website and you can also make a separate blog to attract more patients.
    • Local presence is important:

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      This is very crucial to be a part of one or more local listing websites. A clinic in the same city is always preferred by the patients. Therefore, if you are not present in the list, you may miss many patients.
      Developing an online presence is important but more important thing is doing whatever you have claimed. The patients like to deal with trusted, reliable and authentic cosmetic surgeons. All of the digital marketing ideas work when they are applied with high-quality services.

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