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Using Hashtags In Digital Marketing Of Cosmetic Surgeons

cosmetic surgaonHashTags……! Probably you have heard this word thousands of times in the social networking world. But do you actually know how to use them ? Here we are not talking about for fun purposes but for making it as a part of your digital marketing strategy. Cosmetic surgeons provide multiple treatments to enhance people’s appearance but how they can reach more customers depends on how they market their services, especially in digital world and trust me #Hashtag can play an important part in it.

“When it is used efficiently it can provide an aid in categorizing social media services and content which makes it easier for users to find content. It can increase the visibility of your social media posts and boost shares. Cosmetic surgeons using hashtags on their social media post can reach an extreme number of people. However, if one uses hashtags in an inappropriate way, it might give a negative impact on their marketing.”

So, understanding hashtags become an important topic of study for cosmetic surgeons who want to utilize this powerful way to communicate more through social media.

  • What is a hashtag, indeed?
  • tagThe giant social media platform Twitter introduced the concept of Hashtag in 2007. But it was a quite confusing for business marketers and media professionals. Hashtags are used to categorize social media services content into easily navigable lists. By including the # (insert keyword) in a tweet, it then becomes visible in line with other posts using the same Hashtag.

    How our digital marketing team finds and uses hashtags for surgeon & doctor ?

    One of the most important marketing aspect for doctors or surgeon is to have deep knowledge of medical treatment as well as marketing skills

    If you have both then you not only use #hairTransplannt but its synonym #hairRestoration , disease name #baldness or #alopecia or even you can target related field like #hairwig to snatch new visitors who are unknown to these treatments.
    Creating your own hashtags can be a headache as it may require a lot of research but find those already exist is a less hectic task. Before you start finding these hashtags is important to use proper tools to further proceed.

    Platforms most popular
    • Hashtags trends on Twitter

      TwitterThere are multiple tools to help you find trending hashtags of last 30 days. You can create content, fit these hashtags and increase more viewers of posts.
      Example– #liposuction_surgery_in_delhi or #Best_cosmetic_treatments #rhinoplasty #hairtransplant #gynocomastia

    • Using Hashtags on Facebook

      FacebookHashtags we use for posts of Twitter and Instagram can be utilized in the same way all you can do utilizing them on your facebook content posting. With that, we can integrate you all social media channels in a single place.

    • Instagram Story

      InstagramThe Instagram story is a little different from other platforms. Here more hashtags mean more increased engagement. 10 hashtags are considered best but if you use more, can lose user engagement. Nowadays image is a big thing for digital marketers so we can show cosmetic surgeons using hashtags more efficiently.

    • Digital Marketing Hashtags Banner

    Apart from 3, there are more social media platforms which support hashtags and can be used by cosmetic surgeons to extend their visibility on social media to attract more customers. All that you need a team who can execute a decent and thorough research on hashtags and creating attracting hashtags.
    • This is how our hashtag strategy be like

      • Memorable and unique
      • It would be relevant to the content you are sharing
      • We will make it unique and approachable
      • Simple, not hard to crack
    • We follow the best practices like:

        • Using proper hashtags etiquettes for each social media platforms
        • Hashtags suit your cosmetic industry brand
        • Making it promotable
        • Capitalizing first letter of each hashtag
        • Example- #No_scar, #No_pain, #No_stitches #hair_transplant #baldness #hairRestoration

      This Hashtags show the purpose of hashtags where you are promoting hair transplant without any scar, pain or stitches. It will attract customers.

    • Our team avoid mistakes such as

      • Using space and punctuation
      • Using @ symbol
      • Overusing of hashtags
      • Spamming

    As a leading Digital Marketing Company in Indore, India, specifically working for Cosmetic Surgeons, we know what are your needs and how by fulfilling them we can build a relationship that is profitable for you. Hashtags are definitely a way, but still a very small aspect of Digital Marketing. So if you want use all the aspects in a single window, contact us and double up your customers and profits. We are the best digital marketing strategy makers for dermatologist, trichologist , doctors & surgeon.


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