Unprospective – Sales Response – follow-ups – Strategies

09 09-2017
Unprospective – Sales Response – follow-ups – Strategies


“Whenever you try to finalize a deal with a patient, sometimes, you find that the patient is not interested or he is inactive due to some unknown reasons. Sometimes, the sales representative is fortunate to deal with a genuinely responsive treatment who reply whenever you call and chat with you enthusiastically. In such situations, communicate with the patient is easy and the chances of a fair deal are quite high. However, the communication process is blocked, if the patient is not responding according to your expectations.”

So, the patient is unresponsive and you have no idea to deal with. Actually, dealing with responsive patients is not a tedious task, but you have to make some extra efforts when you are trying to catch a cold fish. Here we have some unique and fresh ideas to handle such situations.

You have to apply the following ways to start the communication again:

  • Leave the previous talks
  • Change your closes
  • Vary your contact attempts


Let us understand these points in detail:

    • 1. Never make the patients feel guilty: Now, you are trying to recall the patients or composing a mail. Actually, this is a good idea but you have to be cautious so that, you don’t make a mistake. The mistake you may make is reminding the patients that he was a cold fellow.
      For example, don’t ever make the sentence like: “I called you, but not received a call from you” or “I have sent you a mail but you did not send a positive reply”
      These sentences make your patients hesitant and guilty.


    • 2. Change your closes: Have you tried to offer something that forces the patient to respond? If yes and that did not work, you may try to something more interesting to make the patient active.
      “I was reading a new research paper, I found some cases extremely similar to your case and I decided to call you at once. I would like to share the information with you to know your views about the research. I hope you are making a call or sending a mail soon.”
    • 3. Vary your contact attempts: Vary your contact attempts by sending him an email or calling him directly. Sometimes, you may send him a new offer or sometimes, just let him know about your new plans or policies. The main objective of these varied attempts is to get in touch with the patient.
    • 4. Unresponsive patients follow ups: If you are making cold calls, a responsive call would be a miracle. Most of the sales professionals do not know call the patient or how to ask for follow-ups.
    • 5. How to deal with negative responses? Are you fed up of negative replies? It is ok to meet some unresponsive guys, but if it happens regularly, you have recheck your message.


  • 6. Are you missing something?
    The missing part of your message is the initial part of your message when you begin the overall process wrongly. Negative responses clearly mean that the patient is not getting your message or he is not interested at all.
  • 7. A possible reply:
    “I did not expect a final decision from you, but I made a call since recently we have helped a patient in the same case having some serious issues and we handled it very effectively. We would like to have some question and you may answer if you wish to have a more interesting and Beneficial offer from us”
    If the patient was interested, but now he seems not interested. You can make a call as a reminder to restart the conversation. Your efforts are going to end in two possibilities. First, a rejection and second, an approval.

The art of prospecting

You like it or not, but you have to master this art. You have to learn the art of avoiding cold calls and making the conversation interesting for the patients. You have to find your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and learn the strategies to hunt your target audience. Always remember that you must offer something that is beneficial for the patients and not lose hope until the patient says, “I am interested.

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