Two Faces of Vladimir Putin- Relation of cosmetic surgery with Russian President Putin

20 03-2018
Two Faces of Vladimir Putin- Relation of cosmetic surgery with Russian President Putin

One of the most known political celebrity of the age who reveals himself as a Russian hard man. had he got done various cosmetic surgeries for creating such ultimate image?

“A leading cosmetic surgeon from UK Gerard Lambe claims that the face of Russian guy displays signs of variant cosmetic procedures done on it for transforming him into a bona fide tough guy.


A picture was taken of Vlad after a judo session in 2010 (left). Just after few months, a photo (right) was pictured, the face looked bronzed and wrinkle-free. Could be the result of ‘successful botox work.’


Vladimir Putin is a broad-shouldered macho man who has won millions of voters throughout the election and become the president of one of the most powerful and dominant countries, Russia.

But the starling pictures of him when he was the KGB Lieutenant, reveals a different way he had looked. He seemed to be a bulgy-eyed Mr Bean.

Eye Lift

Fresh-faced picture of Putin taken in 1972 to the left. His recent picture taken (right) displays that his eyelids are not as much visible as were before, certainly the result of the eye lift.
So, what in the world transformed Russia’s Mr Wimpy into a game hunting statesman-like leader who rules the world today.


There are rumours of Putin using botox and even a plastic surgery. And, popular joke goes “In response to the charge there are no new faces in Russian politics, Vladimir Putin got one.”

Dr Gerard Lambe who runs a clinic in Manchester, UK, ( In an interaction with The Sun-UK) said: “Putin’s facial contouring has clearly changed over the years and while our face shape can become thinner with age – his is noticeably wider and plumper.”

“This would be largely down to cheek fillers. I’d say he’s clearly got a dedicated aesthetic surgeon on his team as these fillers were certainly quite subtle to start.

“In images from about seven years ago he certainly looks much more gaunt and craggy but some work has been done to create a youthful, fuller contour with fillers”

Cheek Fillers

In a picture taken (left ) in 2002, Vladimir Putin face looked weak as your nan’s lemon squash. But now in 2018, he sports a much fuller face thanks to cheek filler.


Okay, that explains the face but what about the shiny-remarkable set of eyes.

“I can also see a subtle upper eye lift and quite likely a chin lift – giving him a much more alert and fresher look,” Dr Lambe told.

“Overall, I would say hold back on the fillers Mr Putin as it is too much and that’s why it looks much more obvious now.”


Putin’s delivers a speech to Russian Federation where his cheeks looks much stronger.


“I find a lot of men who discover how professionally administered fillers and Botox can turn back the clock can go a bit mad and have too much too soon.”

“It has to be gradual and a way to enhance features to obtain a fresher, flattering effect,” he added.”

Four plastic surgeons around the globe agreed with the term that Vladimir Putin, probably, has got some cosmetic surgery on his face. They said it can be undergone botox in his head, an eye lift on his lower lids, and injection on cheeks.

The macho man looks far more modern and bright-faced than how he looked in old black & white pictures.

baby Putin


A Class Photo of Young Putin


In photos of 2002 when Vladimir Putin was acting as the prime minister of Russia, the features of ageing were more visible on his face.

Photo of Putin in 2000 With Chinless Face.


In 2010, Putin looked tired and chinless after taking a part in a judo session.

In 2013, after 2 years of sitting in office as President, he looked different with tight face skin and without wrinkles.

2018, he seemed younger and energetic in appearance, at the age of 65(He looks like 45 if you have observed).

So, the blog reveals how the cosmetic surgery collaborating with advanced robotics can change the appearance of person’s face. Ageing just fades away with cosmetic procedures.

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