Turn Lookers into Bookers for Doctors & Surgeons – Increase Online Revenue with Instagram

09 01-2020
Turn Lookers into Bookers for Doctors & Surgeons – Increase Online Revenue with Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account? Of course, with a huge number of followers, the answer will be this only. Do you promote your business using Instagram? Yes, you can promote your business online using Instagram, in a recent survey, it is found that people are involving more on Instagram and Facebook, so doctors and surgeons, are you doing your online marketing using Instagram? If not, then this is the peak time to decide your strategies for doing so. Readout this article to know some of the tactics through which you can increase your online marketing.

So what are the things that you can do to improve your marketing strategies using Instagram? You may answer that posting promotional images and videos regularly, but Instagram is a lot more than just posting images and videos. You need to opt for the following strategies in order to improve engagement.

Attractive and Informative Posts

The first thing that you need to post is to write catchy and compelling posts with attractive visuals expressing about hair and beauty. You can use, before after visuals to grab the interest of the patients.

Believe in the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are considered as the most powerful weapon to increase online branding. You can select 5-6 relevant, targeted, and commonly searched hashtags, be aware that using too many hashtags in a single post makes your post spammy and irrelevant.

Be Active For Your Targeted Audience

It is important to build trust, for doing so you need to ask questions, reply to the comments given by potential customers or patients, in order to encourage the client to book an appointment you have to join the conversations between the patients.

Use Stories

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you may already know how to upload a story on Instagram, the Instagram story ends in 24 hours, you can upload images and videos to attract the customer, Instagram even allows to sponsor ads on which you can upload any image or video ending in 15 seconds.

Use Polls

Instagram owns a specific feature through which you can add polls to your story, there are multiple options to add polls in which you can ask questions about their opinions and interests.

Track The Results After a Fixed Time

It is important to check the results after a fixed period of time, like for stories and polls you have to stay updated in between those 24 hours in which the story may end, but for the news feed and normal post, you have to rest a while like for up to a quarter to analyze the results.

Why You Should Choose Oxzin Infotech For Your Online marketing?

We at Oxzin Infotech had a complete team of experts who are providing digital and sales services to cosmetic/plastic surgeons, hair transplant surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and dermatologists. We had successfully posted around 1000000 posts on Facebook and Whatsapp for different clinics, which ultimately helped the clinics to increase their business enormously. 

Our highly experienced team has a handful of command over all the online platforms including Instagram and Facebook. We believe to deliver the following things to our clients which helps them to grow their business.

  • Creating regular updates in the form of visual posts, stories, and polls.
  • Keeping an eye on the responses, comments, and queries of the potential clients.
  • We had a special team of experts who checks the latest buzz for cosmetic/plastic surgeons.
  • Tracking of the uploaded data after a fixed period of time.
  • Keeping the records of leads and convert them to become patients.

What are Your Plans to Stay Updated on Online Platforms to increase your brand volume?

So doctors, do you have proper strategies and time to promote your business online, if not then do not juggle yourself between your profession and promotion of the business at the same time, our team at Oxzin Infotech will help you out in making a complete online presence and even grow your business strategically.

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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