Selfie Pictures: A boom for plastic surgeons

04 12-2014
Selfie Pictures: A boom for plastic surgeons


When there is a Plastic surgeon in the market

Selfies are pouring a vast stipulate for plastic surgery.

Social media users are curved to a more sweeping way than Photoshop to produce a perfect selfie: plastic surgery. Concerned on nose is “big” or eyes “droopy,” these all are booming business near by 25 percent. One cosmetic surgeon of New York says that “ patient shows me their selfie and says oh mu god my eyes are too droopy, my nose is too small or too big, my mouth is curved, my teeth is not good., my face is not good. 33% of surgeons have seen a boost in desires for plastic surgery. As a result patient being more attention of their looks because of Social media. That’s the reason Oxford English Dictionary added a selfie word in dictionary.


The thought that selfies are commanding a plastic surgery sound is surely an expedient story grown for rage-tweeting. It is also not a completely fake story. According to the AAFPRS’s survey, 13% of the 123surgeons noted that one of the “growing trends in practices” for 2014 is that patients are “looking for cosmetic actions to seem superior in selfies, Instagram and other social media websites.”

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