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Email Marketing
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What is Email Marketing?
Email is a very powerful tool for communication and marketing. Since its inception email saw many ups and downs but it never got out of the digital marketing mix. A successful digital marketing campaign always has email as an inbound marketing strategy. Email directly address the potential customer, thus it have the power to attract people and make them feel special in the form of customized marketing. It is very easy to track and very simple to create. It is more economic than PPC advertising and more easy, direct and instant than SEO. It has the charm of a website and power of lead generation, basically email is the perfect channel for digital marketing.
Email is extremely versatile in nature that offer a wide range of messages. Email Ad messages can be quite simple, or they can be fancy, multi-media in nature. The look and feel of the ad is determined by the company and the product. Some ads are only written text while others consist of pictures, video, with relevant links to the website.

How Email Marketing Works?
Email is an inexpensive and simple way to connect with customers and potential audience, but it must be carried out with caution. A badly planned campaign can quickly lead to decrease in ROI and unsatisfied client.

  • The first step is to gather an extensive list of email addresses. It is crucial to only deliver emails to people who wants to receive them. It is important to make the process simple for them to sign up for e-mail up-dates. They can also offer rewards like one time discounts to motivate higher subscription rates.
  • Competition analysis is a great way to plan your campaign. This kind of analysis can reveal what kind of strategies your competition are using to appeal their customers and potentials.
  • Now comes the more tricky part, which is designing an email. The selection process of graphics, videos and text message is very important it must reflect some characteristics of the demographic that is being targeted. If your email is confusing, boring or irrelevant the recipient will spam report it and you will lose a potential customer.
  • Segmenting your emails according to your customer’s needs will not only build trust in you but it will also help in them in their behavior to do business with you. Hence increase in ROI.
  • After an email campaign is sent comes the tracking and monitoring part. The metrics of your campaign will decide whether your campaign is successful or not.

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