Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide to Digital Success

13 04-2015
Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide to Digital Success


Digital marketing isn’t just the wave of the future; it’s the cornerstone of an effective plastic surgery marketing plan today. 86% of female Internet users conduct health research online, and those in higher income brackets are more likely to use the web to educate themselves about medical issues and procedures. An American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) poll revealed that in 2012, 57% of prospective patients got their information about plastic surgery online.

Clearly, making valuable content accessible online is an essential element in any medical aesthetics marketing plan. Neglecting to provide such content may mean that you’re passed over for a competitor who made it easier for prospects to gather the information they needed. And, content marketing does more than just bring prospective patients to your door. Well-formulated materials and effective use of tools such as blogging and social media can help educate your existing patients, make them comfortable with new procedures and strengthen relationships to aid retention.

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