Improve Your Conversion Rate with Genuine Before & After Photos

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24 04-2017
Improve Your Conversion Rate with Genuine Before & After Photos

All the cosmetic surgeons have a separate page for showing before & after photos. Actually, they are doing a perfect job because this section is one of the most visited pages of any website that presents the information about cosmetic surgery. It means that if you still don’t have a photo gallery on your website, maybe you are missing a vital part of your website.

There are several reasons that are responsible for the importance of Before & After photos like:

Photo galleries build trust:

Well organized and presented photo galleries are helpful in winning the trust of the visitors. The visitors who look at these photos are more likely to convert to your patients.

Before & After photos are used as proofs

Various wise patients demand some proofs because they want to know about the authenticity of the clinic and the doctor. The websites that contain these photos are enough to pacify the patient’s curiosity.

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People are interested in only successful results:

Most of the people are not interested in the information you present for them but they are only interested in the sections where you make them really believe that you bring good results. So, photo galleries work as the best sections if your patients want to know about your success rate.

How to make a powerful Photo Gallery?

For cosmetic surgeon marketing strategy, it is necessary to build a powerful website and make each part of the website communicative and expressive. The photo gallery for a cosmetic website is the most important part as it has the power of converting the visitors to the patients. It means you must something special for making the photo gallery attractive and powerful.

Before after Gallery
For this, you can use your own resources but in this case, you have to think seriously about the options you have to build a photo gallery. If you don’t consider yourself as the perfect choice for making the gallery, you can simply hire a digital marketing agency. You need graphic designing for cosmetic surgeon as this is a specialized area which must be assigned to the experts.

“What can you expect after hiring a digital marketing agency”?

Experts Know taking the pictures systemically

Nowadays, taking the picture is not tough but when it comes to the professional use of the photos, it is wise to hire an expert. The digital marketing experts take the photos using the camera keeping the patients in the frame effectively in perfect lighting for the photo shoot. Later they can modify the before & after photos to make them look attractive and real.

Photos and SEO

Using proper names for the photos and using alt tags is essential for the high rank of the website. Digital marketing experts optimize all the photos according to SEO. It means your visitors come to the page through a search engine and land directly at the photo gallery. You SEO based image optimization cam make your website more powerful and SEO friendly.

The experts know how many cases you should show

However setting an exact number of photos is not an easy task but your experts can advise you about keeping a minimum number of photos to build the trust of the visitors. However, it is also true that the more information you have on the website the more you are going to impress the customers.

Oxzin Infotech: A perfect digital marketing Agency

At Oxzin Infotech, we have years of experience in graphic designing for cosmetic surgeons. We help you build your trust by making attractive and real photo galleries. Our graphic designers are capable of increasing the interest of your customers in the photos of your website.
It is believed that most of the patients make the final decision after looking at the photo gallery of any website. Therefore, you must hire some experts from our digital marketing agency to make your brand trusted, reliable, and profitable.

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Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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