Importance of You Tube Videos For Cosmetic Surgeon To Increase Ranking

12 11-2016
Importance of You Tube Videos For Cosmetic Surgeon To Increase Ranking


“Spending on desktop online video alone is projected to grow 21% every year until 2019”

  • Nowadays You Tube is becoming a popular medium that contains relevant information with respect to business or organization . Many business focusses on framing the content for highest ranking in search engine results .But You Tube videos are having that power of drive traffic with less number of competitions and which would lead SEO For Plastic Surgeon should be performed in well systematic manner.
  • If we talk about cosmetic surgeon then they should make use of videos which is effective tool in marketing as many organization are active on you tube . In every minute about 300 hours of video are uploaded but it is quite difficult to create a video as compared to article and blog. You Tube videos having ranking on Google can help any business to visible its popularity in search listing.


The various approaches used by the cosmetic surgeon to make the You Tube video effective are:

  • 1. Initialize with Keyword Research:A list of 30-50 keywords should be created for You Tube video to analyze whether the people are searching for that particular keyword or not because it is important to list same keywords which are currently in rank for website as well as for the keyword you want to.

    The point of topic on which thinking should be with goal of high ranking is to use ideas with Google Keyword Planner as it shows relevant keyword with shortest period of time.

  • 2. Manage and Conduct Competitor Analysis:A plan should be made by the cosmetic surgeon how the videos should be made such that it will build trust , provides knowledge , entertains . This analysis helps you in getting your videos which is produced and optimized by you of higher quality to compete with the competitor websites in search results.

    This process is initial part of research phase when the right video is developing with the few ideas that the person would search for your videos.

  • 3. Design Original and High Quality Videos:A care should be taken by the cosmetic surgeon that the video which is created should be of high quality contains lighting, stability ,audio , not duplicate which leads your business to a platform where success is very near and achievement of goal is easy.

    Specific Planning should be essential to plan a video of high quality from starting phase to final in which different shots, storyboard is needed .With the list of targetted keywords your create video should compete with the existing video on that subject.

  • 4. Optimization Of Video Metadata,Title And Description :Optimization is a important phase that should be performed before publishing video to the audience and after uploading ,recording on You tube . A meta data of videos helps in performing with Google Search Algorithm and You Tube clearly visible to audience and makes better understanding about what’s the video is all about.

    Key Features of You Tube videos which should be optimized before publish are:


    • Title: It should be in 100 characters max and best is 70 characters.
    • Description: It should be 5000 characters max in which 150 characters is visible before ‘show more’ tab.
    • Tags: It is of 500 characters max.
    • Playlist: Sorting of videos into optimized playlist.
    • Thumbnail: It should be very impressive having high resolution 1280*720 image.


  • 5. Promotion of You Tube videos in blogs, articles and many more sites: After the video is published it is promoted widely in order to get the traffic and visibility of your company enhance. There are many different ways in which it should be added like:
  • youtube-blog-3

    • Guest Posting.
    • Pages Posting.
    • White papers and Online courses.
    • Creation of new You Tube Channel.

Share the entire video to social media to drive viewers and ranking in the long term which proves to be very beneficial.This will leads to the SEO For Plastic Surgeon very effective.

This You Tube videos helps cosmetic surgeon in making their brand standard and their online existence in the cosmetic industry and enhance all the essential features associated with it.

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