18 11-2015

Being an advanced and straight forward generation, people becoming more aware and conscious of what they choose and prefer regarding their health and appearance also considering their cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

Now-a-days people just don’t go and take the solution to their problem be it cosmetic or hair transplant one, but people go through the plastic surgeon’s profile, the Reviews, Testimonials promised in a cosmetic clinic’s website.

The basic points a cosmetic surgeon & dermatologist profile must contain about its clinic is-reviews


  • REVIEWS-A word of mouth referral has become now an online review and so review about how a cosmetic surgery helps the patients know about the profile more.For all surgeons there is a tip by which you can easily take REVIEWS-
    • Keeping tablet, palmtop in connection with the website and ask the patient after wards to give the important feedback. And in promise with not revealing the personal information publically.
  • ratingRATINGS- A good, compassionate and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon is very important So there is basic need of mentioning everything in the rating like cosmetician’s certifications and awards which would help them increase their clients and brand image.
    • The rating should always be depicted with the Google searches. It should be connected with Google mappings and whenever someone finds the clinic it the rating should appear just in meta description.
    • Also you can ask the patient to rate you between 4 to 5 and can comment on his/her experience


  • testimonialTESTIMONIALS- Testimonials are one of the best ways to build credibility and to show the patients that the surgeon is reliable, authentic and best suited to treat your problem like cosmetic one.It includes:
    • VIDEOS – The short realistic videos taken just from a nice smart phone with a good quality camera is all enough to have a short video of the surgery done without harming any one’s sentiments.No use of any professional cameras will give more natural outlook of the video.
    • TEXT- The feedback should be originally given by the actual patient, for this you can keep a diary and ask for it in his/her own hand writing and you can upload it in the same way with their personal details as coded.
    • IMAGES- The before after images of the person actually treated should be uploaded and clicked in more natural way keeping it as simple and without editing. In fact for the sake of patients their faces can be hidden and should not be revealed openly keeping it blurred

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