Importance Of Mobile friendly Website For Cosmetic Surgeons.

18 05-2015
Importance Of Mobile friendly Website For Cosmetic Surgeons.


According to the recent survey by The Hindu in India, , around 60%-75% of people in India access the web from a mobile device. That is huge, and the total Internet user base stood at approximately 278 million at the end of October 2014 quarter and is estimated to grow to 354 million by June 2015

Do you have any idea about how many patients are using a mobile device to view your website?

Have you ever tried to visit a website from a mobile device or other devices like computer system, tablet, laptop or etc. You have to leave only because the site doesn’t display properly on your screen? You might spend a few seconds trying to zoom in and zoom out and find the content you need, but finally, you end up going away the site with disappointment. Never frustrate your patients with a website that doesn’t adjust to their mobile phones and this is a sign for you to understand that now you should switch to mobile friendly website with web pages that look great at any size.

Requirement of Responsive website for cosmetic surgeons

As being India’s 1st and exclusive website designers for cosmetic surgeons, our job is to build a website for surgeons that responds to their patient’s searching necessity. As Cosmetic surgeons, your first job should be to respond to your patient’s needs .Oxzin has a great team of talented web designers, who are passionate enough about the research on the user or patient’s internet searching experience. Cosmetic surgeon’s website should respond directly to their patients doesn’t matter what kind of device their patients are using. A medical website should smoothly transform your website’s aim to your patients and that won’t leave your patients frustrated or disappointed.

Google LOVES responsive websites

Search engines like Google loves these types of websites anyway and if search engines appreciate your practice site, no one can stop your website to rank higher on search engines just because it is mobile friendly that’s because website visitors spend more time on your flexible mobile friendly website, that helps to gain quality in Google’s eyes. If your prospective patients are spending more time on your website and not leaving within the first few seconds it results as Google or other search engines will accept that as a sign of a standard website, which than translates your website into higher rankings when patients searches for a cosmetic surgeon like you.

Automatically fit in any screen size

Cosmetic surgeons have lots of serious things to work on rather than spending their entire time on websites. Typically, a mobile website is a separate site that requires you to manually update the information on your site. With a mobile friendly website, everything is automatize. No need to wonder if you remembered to update your clinic hours or contact information on your mobile website.

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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