How WhatsApp Can Increase 4 to 5 % Conversion Ratio for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon?

07 05-2016
How WhatsApp Can Increase 4 to 5 % Conversion Ratio for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon?


“An advanced technology is an incomparable magic”.

The present scenario is of digital world. When everyone is growing with it you cannot succeed merely by following same old orthodox approach for your plastic surgery business it is because this old ways are more expensive and do not worth much and on the other hand digital world is comparatively less expensive and it provides many more option to grow and succeed. It provides you an organized manner in which you can utilize your investment to get maximum cosmetic surgery clinic ROI by targeting only relevant audience.
The best tool of this world is WhatsApp. Everyone has this application installed on their phone but very few are aware that how it can be used to increase cosmetic surgeon business. With the extra benefits of WhatsApp one can also increase cosmetic business.

WhatsApp for cosmetic surgeon

WhatsApp provides ultimate connectivity. It is a platform that provides an amazing tool of marketing for cosmetic surgeons. With the unique feature of WhatsApp a surgeon can create their first connection with their clients / patients. With WhatsApp they can even communication about their proposals and offers to a patient in other county. For example, if you know that someone is planning to go for hair transplant surgery you can approach him via WhatsApp you can ask him to send his bald area pictures via WhatsApp and then you can revert to it. By this way you can connect to them to provide efficient treatment online. Not only this with WhatsApp you can get their contact details and they will also save your WhatsApp details on their phone. After these you can make sure you do send follow ups so that he might get interested for the surgery. You can send your information regarding new offer, treatments etc. In short keep in touch with them so that they select you as a best alternative for surgery.

With WhatsApp cosmetic clinic profit can be ensured because WhatsApp provide various advantages to a cosmetic surgeon –

1.Broad connectivity : WhatsApp has become an important part of our life. It is a very renowned and common messenger service used by one and all. It is not only popular in youths but it is also widely used by all age groups. Even when there are plenty of social media platform but social media are not commonly used by everyone like that a WhatsApp messenger is being used and WhatsApp provide ultimate connectivity thus it can also be used by a cosmetic surgeon for promoting its business. With WhatsApp online transaction related to treatment is possible like it can be used for sending invoices, bills, orders, inquiries etc.

With WhatsApp a surgeon can connect with their multiple patients. They can take inquiries and can also respond to patient queries via WhatsApp. It can help in increasing connections and can build effective brand image also.

Broadcasting message via WhatsApp : If you want to send a message to more than one patient, you can use WhatsApp broadcast feature. For this you need to first create a broadcast list from your contacts of patients. Once it is ready, go to new broadcast and send message. With this option your message will be sent to multiple patients. The only condition with this interesting feature of WhatsApp that the person in your broadcast list must also have your phone number saved on their phone. A surgeon can make a month wise or week wise broadcast list and can send multiple messages altogether.


2.Visual Rich Content : It is said that visual can convey more meaningfully as it helps in visualization and through visual image one can communicate both abstract and concrete ideas in an effective way. By sending testimonial images through this platform a surgeon can create a good image in the mind of patients.


3.Any time Anywhere : A mobile phone is always available with everyone and so is the WhatsApp. WhatsApp is tool which any one can use any time & anywhere. Even when people cannot attend calls in between their office hours or in any other situation they will surely check their WhatsApp messages as soon as they get time thus with WhatsApp, surgeon can easily connect to their client and can communicate effectively.


4.Best way of Re-Marketing : In simple words Re-marketing is a concept with which one can get in touch with clients and can make them aware about offers and deals that are provided at clinic. If a client connected with you doesn’t take your service at the same point when he or she get connected. You get a benefit to use these numbers for re-marketing. Re marketing will help your business to convert your client into patient.


5.Document & file sharing : WhatsApp offers an exclusive benefit with which files in any format can also be sent. This can include pdf files or images that describe about the treatments and its testimonials. It may also include invoices of the procedures etc.


6.Upcoming technologies of WhatsApp : WhatsApp will proceed to launch a call back option, it works whenever the person has missed a call on WhatsApp he shall answer that missed without opening the WhatsApp because the callback option is available. The button will be placed in the notification pane, alongside the WhatsApp call notifications.

As well as WhatsApp is also expected to bring voice mail feature for iOS users. It will let users record voice mails and send them to their contacts & the voice mail feature will only show up when the user is already busy on a WhatsApp call.

WhatsApp will also update their document system. Right now through WhatsApp we only able send the pdf files, but after this update of WhatsApp we will able to send zip files, it will compress the file size as well as it will use fewer data. WhatsApp only extends support for formats such as PDF, VCF, DOCX and DOCS. The anticipated video calling, which has been in the rumour mill for a while, may finally show up with the next update as well.

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