How Cosmetic Surgeons get more patients through their responsive website.

18 05-2015
How Cosmetic Surgeons get more patients through their responsive website.


Some useful tips for cosmetic surgeons on how to get the more patients through your responsive website.


  1. Your logo and or practice name should be visible in the design on all pages.
  2. Don’t use heavy graphics and use text wherever possible to insure a fast download.
  3. On images you do use, make sure they are compressed for quick download.
  4. Important phone numbers should be clearly displayed and include “click to call” functionality so that the number dials when a patient tapped.
  5. Surgeon’s website should only includes a scaled down version of your navigation with comparably larger and easy to click buttons with the most content.
  6. Include an online map that launches driving directions right on the phone.
  7. Include a link back to the main website.
  8. And if possible,try to limit the site’s pages.
  9. Use browser detection code that automatically redirects a visitor who comes to your main site from a phone, to the mobile version.
  10. Remember to add links to your Social Media Pages from the mobile version.
  11. Be sure the site is compatible and works in the most popular devices such as iPhone and Android.

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