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How to engage patients through Social Media

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How to engage patients through Social Media.

So, your cosmetic surgery practice has a Google+, Facebook Page, and even a Twitter. You’re posting a few informative, attention-getting social media posts every week. Do you think that’s enough. That’s all there is to it, right? The point of social media is to be social. This is an important step in the social media activity that many business organization forget. You won’t gain much traction simply by posting. You have to engage your audience attention to maintain and organically gain followers.
Don’t let the thought of engagement scare you. Simply put it just means you need to keep modify your social media marketing strategy to show followers that they are communicating or dealing with a real human, not a robot. Here are three simple ways to engage followers:

1. Respond in a well-timed manner.
If you don’t respond in a well-timed manner – or at all – you will lose quality. Compare social networking to real-life networking. If someone asked you to start a conversation at a business concern , and you just stared at them, that would be weird. It’s the same on social media networking.
Your followers may leave comments or ask questions on your posts, and they normally expect a response in real time. Evidently, the faster you can respond, the better. While it’s not always manageable to supervise your social media links all day, we propose responding to followers within 24 hours. For certain questions that may ask for potentially interfere or medical advice , a simple response, such as: “Thank you for your question. Please call us at 9********8. We’re happy to discuss this with you!”

2. Ask questions.
It’s great to use social media marketing as a tool to inform patients of new technology, practice news, and process, but followers also want to discuss with you. Mix up your posts with some questions to start a discussion. You can post cosmetic surgery news, skin care news , hair transplant news, weight loss tips or any medical news and simply ask your followers to share their opinions. Many of our cosmetic surgery practices are asking their social media followers what their favorite skin care products are, beauty tips or wight loss tips.

3. Do not automatize everything.
While it’s favorable to use tools to plan posts ahead of time,but please don’t rely on automation for everything. You’ll seem like a robot. A program is great to ensure you always have satisfied content for social media networking, but if you’re doing something fascinating or have exciting activities news to share, post it in real time. Be a part of national conversations. If there is some activity currently trending on social media that is applicable to your practice, you should jump in on that conversation.

If you would like to engage more & more patients via social media then contact us today on 9302353433.

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