How Plastic Surgeon Can Use Customer Value Optimization ?

23 08-2017
How Plastic Surgeon Can Use Customer Value Optimization ?


“Customer value optimization is a well-known system that works for small or large businesses, online shops or retailers. It helps you build your market for your products or services. This system can be a big step for all the healthcare professional who is trying to beat their competitors and emerge as a leading cosmetic surgery or hair restoration clinic.”

Let us know how this system works:

If we wish to grow our business, we have to focus on three most important factors, such as:

  • Average number of customers
  • Average number of transaction value per customers
  • Average number of transactions per customer
  • These factors play a vital role in Customer Value Optimization

Customer Value Optimization or CVO works on following five steps:

  • 1. Lead Magnet Offer: It is a free offer that is supposed to be provided after the customer provides you any contact information like email address etc. This is an essential step for lead generation. This is a start of a relationship with your customers. For example, you can offer an e-book that is written on any special topics related to hair transplant or plastic surgery.
  • 2. Tripwire Offer: This is a lower-priced product that aims to convert the leads into customers. For example. Offering low-cost services or products like you offer the diagnosis of the diseases at a low price.
  • 3. Core Offer: This is the key product or services offered by the company to increase the average transaction value per customer. Hair transplant or liposuction is the core product for cosmetic clinics.
  • 4. Profit Maximizer: It is the highest-priced product or service that is offered by a company to maximize the average transaction value per customer. In case of cosmetic clinics, a profit maximizer may be a combination of PRP and hair transplant or laser therapy and hair transplant.
  • 5. Return Path: This step consists of all the strategies that increase the number of transactions per customer, such as social media, blogging, email marketing. Return path aims to target the customers who are aware of your services, but they are not active. Moreover, Return path is used to alert existing customers about new offers.
  • 6. Loyalty Program:
    No business can survive more if they are not able to develop trust & relationship with their existing and new customer. In this case if any business or clinic want to increase their average transaction per patient they must create a loyalty program or membership program where existing patient or customer can avail the benefit or special offers or discount and refer some other too.

    Plastic surgery marketing

Source :- Digitalmarketer


However, before you follow these steps, you have to be prepared b doing two important tasks that are:

1. Finding product/market fit
2. Choosing the traffic source
Finding Product/Market Fit

Product/Market fit is all about providing the right offer to the right people. In other words, it’s about creating a solution that people not only want, but truly need.

Choosing a Traffic Source

You can apply social media marketing, blogging, advertising, email marketing, SEO to choose a traffic source. Choose whatever works best for you.
CVO is an advanced system that keeps your existing customers active and attracts new leads regularly. The steps of CVO are more effective when applied by an experienced Online marketing agency since the experts of such agencies are well-trained and experienced.

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