How Google Adword or Pay per click service can boost number of Patient for Hair Transplant Surgeon

07 01-2015
How Google Adword or Pay per click service can boost number of Patient for Hair Transplant Surgeon


When 60 % health-care market has been entered in Online Marketing including search engine optimization, social media marketing , email marketing, affiliate marketing and PPC ad. Pay per click / Google Adword is a vital marketing platform to get the new patient / customer.

Are You Losing a bunch of profit just because you are not investing on Google Adword /PPC?

The Answers Is YES.

Many Hair transplant surgeon, cosmetic surgeons , skin specialist and liposuction Surgeons has been putting their effort on Organic SEO and ignore Adword/ Paid PPC marketing. Organic SEO generally takes longer time to show the Result as

Cosmetic Surgeon’s website start getting visitors in first month , slowly referral visitors starts landing on website, keywords starts getting ranked on search engine but this process takes time approximately 4 to 5 month.

How Pay Per Click or Google Adword can bring leads or patient from the first day itself:

Google Adword simply takes charges of per click from the advertiser and display their ad using its own bidding algorithm. Now anyone can register on Google Adword and create their own ad and start promotion of their services from the day of registration.

Google Adword Promotion simply based on ROI (Return on investment ) If you are investing
1 Lakh RS per month on Adword account , getting Thousands click on ad, and converting clicks into goals/inquiries and making profit of 10 Lakh your ROI is 9 Lakh and you are making profit from Google Paid advertising.

But Bidding on certain keyword like “ hair transplant in ahmedabad ” average bid is 85 RS per click.


Now If you are not an Adword management expert or PPC expert , you will not able to manage your Adword account this bid can be increased to Rs.150 to Rs. 200 and your web page / landing page is not properly optimized you will definitely not get return on your investment and Adword can not be a profit making platform for you.

Here Oxzin Infotech is a digital marketing company (Google Adword certified) has been working for health-care clinics , Hair transplant surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon , Skin Specialist Physicians for long time and getting online patient/ leads continuously , making profit for them using Google PPC service/ Google Adword platform.

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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