How Google Ad words can enhance the list of patients.

21 02-2015
How Google Ad words can enhance the list of patients.


Case Study :

How portal’s traffic and visitor become Doubled through Google Ad words!!!!!!

Within a year of the launching of the CarWale’s website, the traffic of the website become doubled from approximately 1.4 million to 2.9 million. This increase in visitor traffic. allotted approximately 80% of its marketing budget to the online media, and almost 60-70% amount is spending on Google Ad words. In just five years after its launch it became the number one web portal in India for automobiles and since 2010 it maintains its position in the market.

Company sold approximately 15 lakh cars in 2013-14 which is the total 10% of the total cars sold in the country. Furthermore, 30,000 users make inquiries on the website per month, and a important portion of this traffic converts into sales.

  • To Offer researched content to both car buyers and sellers in India to enable them to make informed choices

  • To connected users through leading car makers like GM, Skoda, Mahindra, and so on.

  • Connected users through the leading insurance and finance companies.

  • Signed up with Google Ad words and ran different ad campaigns to attract more users.

  • Made use of conversion tracking to lead ROI and make future anticipation.

  • The Keyword Tool was also used largely by the in-house team to check search traffic and cost estimates, before adding new keyword to their account.

  • 20-35% new website visitors per month

  • 30,000 Customers make inquiries on the website per month

  • Conversion rate went higher

  • Sold approximately 15 lakh cars in the year 2013-14 which resulted to 10% of the total cars sold in the India.

  • Helped in attracting the targeted audiences – the buyers and the sellers, manufactures and the dealers.



             Speech by Vice President – Marketing, Automotive Exchange Pvt Ltd

The online medium is extremely aligned to the ROI centric approach of the company. This is the reason has allotted 80 per cent of its advertising budget to the online medium, of which a large portion goes towards Google AdWords. Besides, the new AdWords interface better and easier to navigate. All advertisers in the auto industry should start using Google AdWords and analyze it to see how much ROI is derived from the online space.

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