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What actually is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) is the most common form of search engine marketing (SEM). it includes all the sponsored results that you see on different online platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many others, these sponsored results are also known as paid results. It is one of the best ways to introduce your services like Medical and healthcare to new audiences at a central level. With proper optimization and marketing PPC proves to be a cost-effective process.

Why Opt For PPC Advertising For Doctors

Immediate patient inquiries

Branding because of the first-page result

No waiting to be displayed on the first page as in the case of off-page optimization

Increased ROI and business expansion

Capture digital audience first, as competitors are ready to lure them with PPC

WHY OXZIN FOR PPC AD, Google Adwords?

Within two or three months, you will observe the following outcomes:

More than 300000 lead has been generated using Google ads, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Twitter & other platforms.

Oxzin is an expert in ROI Based PPC with his specialized tracking, funnel advertising for doctors and it helps them to gain maximum return on investment through PPC.

Specialized campaign for doctors & surgeons as Oxzin has been continuously working for more than 6 years in this industry and knows what kind of landing page, buttons and offer can works for a doctor in PPC advertising.

The main reason for a failed PPC campaign are high cost per conversion, high cost per click, avoiding remarketing campaign, incorrect funnel designing. Oxzin prepare specific marketing strategies and get high ROI for a doctor with PPC campaign

What Role does PPC Play To Improve Your Business?

Through proper strategies, PPC can help you to grow a huge amount of business, we at Oxzin have a bulk of techniques to increase the number of leads and conversion rates for you. Our PPC planning initially focuses on:

Searching and finding relevant keywords

Creating necessary and essential ad campaigns.

Analyzing results and changing the interruption.

How PPC Helps in Converting Potential Searchers into Your Patients?

If you are a Doctor/Surgeons, medical, healthcare industry, you may definitely know the value of a patient and it is our core focus to build a strong and reliable click-through rate through which we can convert the potential looker into your patients. Our team works on conversion rate optimization (CRO), to increase the potential customers into leads.

What is CRO and How can Oxzin Help You to Increase Your Business Using CRO?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process in which we continuously optimize your website and other platforms through which we make your sponsored ads visible to the patients who are looking for healthcare PPC Services, healthcare advertising companies and it is our focus to build your ads so specific that makes the patient complete the specific action or at least feel the inquiry form for further information.

Traffic Insight Before CRO After CRO
Amount in Rupees 5000 5000
Site Visitors 4000 4000
Conversions 100 200
Conversion Rate (in %) 2.50 5
Cost Per Conversion (In Rupees) 50 25

PPC Services Provided by Oxzin

PPC Audit Services

Our team of experts provides a free PPC audit through which you can learn to improve the performance of ad campaigns and strategy.

Remarketing Services

Through PPC services we make your connection with the past website visitors using targeted & relevant ads that persuade the patients to call or visit the clinic.

Facebook Ad Services

Our PPC strategies focus on custom campaigns on Facebook that help in driving brand awareness, likes, follows, and more.

Social Media Ad Services

Not only Facebook, but we also focus to advertise custom ad campaigns on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.