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Hair Transplant Market In 2020 Will be Around 60 Thousand Crore, How Much You Will Capture

Since 2014, enormous growth in Hair Transplant Surgery has been observed, according to the latest survey by ISHRS hair transplant surgeries increased by 60% between 2014 and 2016, with over 635,189 surgeries by covering the market of approximately INR 2,9000 crores.

About The Survey

The information and data collected by ISHRS are developed from actual historical information and does not include any projected information. It is 95% relevant to the chances of a 4-5% margin of error.

Are You Ready?

The below data will help the cosmetic/plastic, hair transplant surgeons, and dermatologists to know about the current as well as the upcoming status of hair transplant. This data will help in reviving the overall market condition of hair transplants so that you can easily able to plan your strategies.


The numeric presentation stating the approx. market over the years:-

Year No. Of H.T. Market(In INR)
2016 635,189 29000 crore approximately
2017 825746 37700 crore approximately
2018 1073470 40910 crore approximately
2019 1395511 53190 crore approximately
2020 1800000 69140 crore approximately
The numeric presentation is based on 2-3 years of data and the rest is approx.

Are you ready to be a part of clinics having an increased number of hair transplants? Definitely, your answer will be a big yes! But for these, you will need to be prepared to have proper strategy and planning because Asia has covered around 30% of these data and it is believed that more of its data is covered by India.

How Much You Need to be Ready?

With the developing competition, it is important to prepare your strong planning and implementation process to achieve the targeted goal. So, does your planning is enough to be a part of this data in 2019 and more of it in 2020. If not, you will need to prepare Proper planning which will include:

  • Strong marketing plan… It Includes:
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Defining USP
    • Cost Analysis
    • Target Location
    • Budgeting (Avg. Monthly and Yearly Budget)
    • Source of Marketing (Like Online, Offline)
  • Digital tools like a traffic oriented website, LMS or any other data management tools.
  • Resource Planning and Analysis: 0-+
    • Current resources (team, infra, other facilities) we have and more we need to achieve the target we set for 2020.
    • Well trained sales team/ counselors.

How Oxzin Will Help You With Your Market Strategies?

Oxzin infotech has all the spices which you need to sprinkle to get more and genuine patients for hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries, it is one of the best platforms that provides digital marketing and complete sales planning to the doctors, the below points will make you understand why you should choose Oxzin for expanding your market.

More than 5 years of experience

With more than 5 years of experience, we offer services especially to cosmetic/plastic surgeons, hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeons, this makes us focus more perfectly and it is our belief that the services provided by us help in improving your market.

The highly certified digital marketing team

What is needed to give your brand a different name? A clean and clear digital marketing strategy, we had a highly certified team who had the idea to bring your market to the top through different and unique digital marketing strategies.

Experienced sales team

Our sales team not only focuses on bringing the customers or patients to you but in converting the leads into patients and the patients into happy patients.

Lead management software (LMS)

We had a specially developed lead management software (LMS) which increases the conversion rates of customers with the highest percentage. This software helps in bringing more and genuine patients for hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries for you.

“So, prepare yourself to witness an increased number of hair transplants with complete planning and strategy and we are always there to help you in improving your market with new and developed ways.”

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