Email Marketing for Small Business/ Health-care/ Cosmetic surgeon

17 01-2015
Email Marketing for Small Business/ Health-care/ Cosmetic surgeon


The word marketing usually brings the images of expensive print and Television advertisements to our mind. Since a small business does not have such big money to put behind marketing, does the option of marketing does not exist for them? This is not true! Email marketing is just the right answer for the small business.

Email marketing is similar to direct marketing or direct mailers. The only difference is that in place of sending physical mails (letters, brochures, business envelopes) emails are sent to prospective customers. Email marketing has been around for a long time- much before the social marketing came into picture. And it has proved to be really beneficial for the business sales over a period of time.


Kinds of Email Marketing

Email marketing can be done in various forms. It could be a newsletter about your organization, promotion for an upcoming event like Sale, Catalogs to let your customer know about your products, Surveys to know your customer better or a transaction mail to thank your customer for a purchase or something else. The choice of the email format will depend on the end objective and the target customer of the business. Choosing an appropriate format for email marketing is critical for the efficacy of the campaign.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The first and foremost benefit of email marketing is the fact that the business owner is able to track whether the email has been delivered and it has been read or not. It is also possible to do further analysis on the prospective customers who are interested in your products. The business owners can gather information like demographics, age group, profession and other information about their customers which can be critical data point for any business.
Email marketing is also quite cost effective. Creating an eye catching digital mailer and procuring data of email ids for prospective customer (if required) does not cost even a fraction of the cost of other marketing campaigns. It does not require even the print cost of a direct mailer.

Points to Consider while designing campaign

While an email marketing campaign can be quite effective, it needs to be designed and executed properly to realize benefits. Some of the things to be considered while designing it are:

Make the subject line interesting to ensure that the prospect is compelled to read your mailer
Keep the content brief and relevant to the customer. You may give a summary of the content on the mailer and add a ‘read more’ tab for customers who want to know more about the concept
Add images (if possible dynamic) and appealing colour scheme to keep the interest of the customers alive
Stay compliant with the laws governing the mass mailers, else it may be tagged as spam.


It may not be a bad idea for a business to engage an email marketing service provider to help them with the development and execution of the email marketing mailer. They will have all the tools to design an effective and attractive mailer to appeal to the target audience. A small cost incurred on this service will have a lasting impact on the final result achieved out of the campaign.

How Oxzin can grow your business with Email marketing

Oxzin Infotech expertise in Email marketing can assist you identified correct database, make you familiar with opening rate, click rate, how much inquiries has been generated etc..
We are successfully handling health-care market, small business, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon email marketing campaign and helped in making their growth by 100% increase.

“Do Not Wait For Customer to come , reach to them!”

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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