Digital Marketing & Sales Support: Can They Work Hand-in-Hand?

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30 03-2019
Digital Marketing & Sales Support: Can They Work Hand-in-Hand?


“Digital marketing is required for every type of industry to appear in front of the public and gain business opportunities. All digital marketing strategies help to promote business services on the internet and attract targeted people. Digital marketing has been a part of a business or service to take active part online and apply various techniques to gather leads and turn them into customers. The sales team or front desk staff has a significant role in dealing with people who are going to become as customers. Salespeople should have the skills to convince the leads with the best services and make the lead conversion. Especially, the healthcare industry needs a digital marketing team to implement the services online, and a sales team to physically manage customer retention. Both are important to complete the process by working hand-in-hand to complete the marketing cycle. ”

Expertise teams and their significant roles

Patients are the customers for the healthcare industry, and their conversion and retention is not conventional and there is a limitation to the sustainability of customer. So, it is critical to complete the sales funnel for a single customer in a very short time and susceptible to failure if not handled with proper tactics. Both digital marketing and sales team have to detect the right time for the retention and maintenance of customers and their services. The employees of both teams have to be active and take extra care to maintain a proper service to a patient throughout the service lifecycle. Every step of a customer journey depends on the actions taken by the teams regarding lead generation and promoting healthcare services

  • The sales funnel starts when a patient wants details about the healthcare facilities and treatments. He or she checks a known website or searches for the required service on the net. It depends on the digital marketing team to make a particular brand visible and attractive to the people. A website that has the entire information what a patient needs are likely to be visited by him or number of times as per requirement. Brand awareness is created through paid advertisements which lead to reaching the target audience and collecting data.Hair Transplant -Cosmetic - Sales Funnel
  • When people search for organic or paid search results to investigate the service which they want, they will choose an efficient program which they like. It is necessary to maintain a good page ranking for a healthcare website to be considered by the people. Contact information should be easy to reach by the people for immediate consultation. Advertisements impress the targeted demographics and also release information about offers, workshops, and any other details. It helps to remind the brand and commit at the time of requirement.
  • Digital marketing techniques include regular emails and notifications to the contacts whoever interested in the services. Social media is very helpful to keep the public in contact through regular posts as well as the messaging facility. Decision making becomes easy for the patients when they avail proper information at the correct time. Sales team must be supportive when the customer directly communicate for getting the information and inquire about the doctor and expertise services.Digital-Marketing
  • The sales funnel ends when a customer becomes a patient in this case. For adapting the positive conversion, the sales team must be active in encouraging them with ease. Everything must be in an organized way to the customer when he or she wants to take an appointment or consult a doctor. Then only a successful result would be gained at the end of marketing efforts.sales support
  • Both digital marketing and sales team must have the consistency to share the branding information as well as maintain accuracy in promotional activities. They should have regular discussions on updates from both sides. Whatever activities are done from the technology side have to be understood by salespeople and whatever sales and services side should be shared to digital people to update the information. In these modern times, it is very easy to keep an eye on the latest updates using internet communication. Everyone in the organization must have the ability to watch innovations and updates in their current industry.Hair Transplant -Cosmetic
  • Speaking about manpower, all the professionals should have the capability to maintain decent relationships one to another. Communication skills are the most important aspect that every employee should contain to deliver their responsible duty. The sales team is really needed to be polite towards the customers and make them realize the essentiality of prominent services. Their response should vibrate along with the customer behavior to end up with a great result.

Marketing techniques and the completion of buying a customer

A healthcare organization needs to manage well qualified digital marketing team as well as the sales team to support developing the business. The marketing funnel starts with the inquiry of the lead for particular services, which is invoked by digital marketing efforts. Lead generation is the main process which needs continuous endeavors generated by hard work, proper decision making, and advertising. The customer journey ends with a conversion process which is intelligently performed by sales members.

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