Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists Mobile Search Approaches Has Increased 70 Percent

19 09-2018
Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists Mobile Search Approaches Has Increased 70 Percent

As the owner of a cosmetic or hair restoration clinic, you need to know that your website is an integral part of the online marketing process. However, the increased use of mobile is going to dominate the market forever.
It is the best if you have a mobile-friendly website because upcoming trends are clearly indicating that the customers like to spend more time on the website that is efficiently optimized for mobiles and Smartphones.

“A number of studies have shown that nearly 70% of the total Internet users are searching for the information with the help of their mobiles. So, it is quite obvious your patients are looking for cosmetic clinics and hair restoration centers using Smartphones.”

Therefore, cosmetic clinics are trying to respond according to the requirements of the market. To catch the attention of mobile users, it would be a wise decision if you change the features of your present website to make it friendly to the smaller mobile screens.

Can you ignore the upsurge of Healthcare mobile searches?

    • In the healthcare sector, nearly 70% of search is coming from the mobile phones. We are sure you are not going to avoid these statistics.
    • You potential or present customers are searching everything. They are looking for the topics related to the cosmetic surgery and hair loss. The studies show that the Internet users are interested in medical problems like “hair loss”, “baldness”, “fungal infections or dandruff”, “signs of aging” etc.
    • Moreover, they are keen to find the treatments, such as “hair transplant”, “PRP hair treatment”, “skin treatments” etc.
    • It is obvious that they are in need of a clinic and you may be the right choice for your potential customers. But, it is possible only if you follow the market trends.

    What does the information given above show?

    Clearly, the patients are searching for your clinic or services and want to be connected via mobile. However, the studies show that they have not ignored the large screen completely. Surely, they are using computers and laptops as well.

    Thus, the conclusion of this information is that you need to pay your attention to the mobile promotion without neglecting the importance of users who still use the computers for getting the information.

    What is our strategy?

    As your preferred digital marketing agency, we are quick to observe new trends of the market.
    Therefore, we advise you to build a mobile-friendly website for your patients. At the same time, we cannot ignore the existing website visits that come from the Desktop computers.

    Google Mobile Optimization tool for better performance :

    PageSpeed Insights
    Latest observations are indicating that Good also prefer mobile-friendly websites when the search engines list the search results. Therefore, the importance of a mobile-optimized website is just unquestionable.

    Some of our Work Page Score in Google PageInsight

    PageSpeed Insights avenues
    PageSpeed Insights marmm

    Several options for cosmetic clinic owners

    • We are sure you would aspire to create some opportunities for your clinic reading this information.
    • Digital marketing agencies, with several options, are ready to help the cosmetic surgeons to build a website to meet the requirements of mobile internet users.
    • For example, the online marketing agencies can create a mobile-friendly website that is another version of the website made for desktop computers.
    • There is another option to build a separate mobile website for the mobile users. However, this version is efficient and easy to navigate but the expenses of the business are increased because of two websites.
    • Nowadays, digital marketing agencies are building responsive websites that are made to serve the needs of both mobile and desktop users. Such websites are run on any device with the same effectiveness and usability.
    • If you hire the experts of the Oxzin digital marketing agency, they would analyze the behavior of your potential customers with the help of advanced digital promotion strategies. After that, they are going to build a responsive website for your clinic as per the needs of your business.

    You also can be the next to have a feature-rich and responsive website.

    Now, the ball is in your court.

    Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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