Cosmetic Clinics: What do you Prefer? Digital marketing or Traditional marketing

digital marketing for plastic surgeons
20 09-2017
Cosmetic Clinics: What do you Prefer? Digital marketing or Traditional marketing


“Do you still believe in traditional ways of marketing while all your competitors have replaced the traditional marketing with digital marketing? Cosmetic surgery is a booming area of the healthcare sector and you have to face more and more competition in upcoming years. Your competitors are using digital marketing as a vital part of their marketing plan. What are you doing ?”

If you have a small clinic, deciding a profitable marketing style is not an easy task because of the financial reasons. Sometimes you cannot both and you have to choose the plan that is cheap and effective simultaneously.

Let us know something more about traditional and digital marketing!

  • Traditional ways of marketing include the use of print media, such as advertising in newspapers or magazines, flyers, print Ads, billboards etc. The use of TV or Radio is another commons way of traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing needs a website as a centralized place for all the marketing efforts and after building a website, you have a great chance to attract a vast range of customers. Use of social media is a suitable example of these efforts.
  • Word-of-mouth publicity is the main tool for many medium or small sized cosmetic clinics and according to a study, word-of-mouth recommendations. However, print media, Radio, Or T.V are not considered beneficial in terms of ROI.
  • Word of mouth publicity

What is the reason?

The reason is clear that you don’t target the audience that is already interested in your services. You advertise for all and all the people may not be interested in your services.

Digital Advertising Vs Traditional Advertising

What is the solution?

Advertise to Those who are Looking For Your Service

online advertising for cosmetic surgeons
Advertising with the aim of targeting everyone is a very costly approach. Instead of applying this traditional marketing style you can apply a fresh idea in which you can make impress your target audience by showing them their services.

How can you impress them? The quick answer to this question is online advertising. This is a cost-effective approach where you target your local area that is in search of a trusted clinic.

This is the new age of marketing styles since the mindset of the customers is changed. Therefore, digital marketing is the preferred choice for most of the clinics and they don’t rely on traditional ways due to the following reasons:

  • Using traditional ways, we cannot measure the results of the campaign.
  • We cannot perfectly decide whether or not the campaign is successful.
  • Almost no interaction between the medium and the users.
  • The use of print media is very costly due to the appointed people and print material.
  • Sometimes the marketing campaigns do not have a call to action or if they have, it is not properly timed.
  • Most of the direct mail campaigns have a general message that is not prepared to message a specific audience.
  • It is impossible to attribute the revenue to a direct mail campaign.

Enter into the digital world with endless possibilities

If you have added digital marketing ideas to your marketing campaign, you are now ready to target the international audience. Furthermore, you can make your marketing plans according to different groups, such as location, age, gender, or interests etc.

Digital Advertising Services

With these changes, you effective digital marketing techniques make your customers delighted since they are free to choose the way they want to receive your message. For example, they may read your blog or they may watch your YouTube video. Besides, data analytics and social are some effective digital marketing tools to make your work simpler.

    • Digital marketing is cost-effective: Managing your budget is simpler while you use digital marketing strategies. Let us taken an example of Good Adwords where you can limit the amount of your bid for each click to your website.
    • Analyse Data & Track Your Results: You hardly track your traditional marketing campaign, but if you are using digital ideas, you can track your progress as a digital marketing campaigner.
    • More Engaging With Potential Customers: You directly engaged with the customers and may have your desired response. For example, you may share your web page on social media.
    • What about mobile marketing? Responsive mobile website
      Redesign your website so that you can reach the mobile users and serve them with your most important services.
    • User experience: Provide your users a great user-experience with an easy to navigate responsive website.
  • Make the process speedy:
    Speed is everything in today’s marketing world. Make a fast loading website for better user-experience
  • Mobile Ads:
    For different age groups, start a mobile only marketing campaign and measure the results
  • Voice Search
    A lot of people are using voice search to search for the information nowadays. Patients find it easy and faster and feel that direct talks are more fruitful.
  • Balancing Traditional and digital marketing:
    Traditional ways are used by the clinics to make the relationship with the customers stronger. It means we keep the digital marketing ideas at the front end and use traditional ways to support digital marketing ideas. Both of the marketing styles are not opposite to each other, but it is wise to balance both of the marketing techniques.

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