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What Is Online Branding?

Online branding involves all the information that represents your brand online, it is typically a technique in which you as a doctor/surgeon can maintain a unique marketplace using different online tools and strategies.

Why Online Branding Is Important For Doctors/Surgeons?

According to recent research, 77% of patients first search online before visiting a clinic or hospital and 84% of the people believe in online reviews given by the patients. So healthcare,medical, doctors social media marketing, you need to create a very strong online presence which can trigger more areas of patients.

How Online Reviews And Rating Helps In Online Branding?

Today is the era of online reviews, patients are more concerned about their health and check reviews and ratings before deciding a doctor for treatment. According to the statistical reports update, 84-85% does not believe in the performance of the doctor with 1-star ratings.<br /> So as a doctor, even if you are qualified, certified, and awarded a strong online presence is a must.

How Oxzin Can Help You In Creating A Powerful Online Presence?

Oxzin has a team of experts who are focused to create an all-around online presence of doctors/surgeons, dermatologists, and maxillofacial surgeons. We are focused to increase the online ratings of the doctors by creating their true and positive image among people. Our SEO/SMM, strategies are targeted to attract the larger group of people who are admiring to have a treatment.

Most Common Social Platforms For Doing Online Branding

When a person looks for a doctor, the first thing which comes in mind is to visit the website, thus your website needs to be properly optimized and on the top of Google rankings, we at Oxzin are here to do it for you, our complete strategic planning makes your website visible on the top google rankings with a high number of reviews.

There are various platforms where potential patients look for doctors/surgeons. It includes Practo, Lybrate, Just dial and more. So it is important for doctors to be found on the top with high ratings and positive reviews so that the patients who are analyzing your profile will attract to get in touch with you.

Facebook is the most popular social media network, and it's mandatory that you have a powerful network on Facebook because amongst 75% of the prospect patients visit Facebook page & reviews of past patients. We at Oxzin own a team of experts who continuously optimize Facebook having a firm command over digital marketing tools.

Quora is a website on which any individual can ask questions, and can answer other questions. It is one of the most common websites any type of question is asked and answered by people. It is also helpful for patients and doctors and patients find here the exact information for which they are looking to make the right decision about a doctor.

How Oxzin Performs Online Reputation Management For Doctors?

Checking and analyzing the current online presence.

Making a strong network of high-quality sites which patients are looking for.

Optimizing all the networks with every aspect of digital marketing.

Publishing high-quality content on websites & other networks.

Finding new and potential patients to increase leads for doctors.

Why Choose Oxzin For Online Branding?

Reputation is the most important thing for cosmetic/plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and maxillofacial surgeon, and we know how to manage your online reputation along with maintaining your knowledge, dedication, and experience, thus we have an internationally qualified team who focuses to handle it all for you with all the ingredients of online and digital marketing.