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B Chandrakala And Doctor

“When social media made a Hero IAS Officer B Chandrakala. Why Not For Doctors?”

Chandrakala! This has been a popular search name on social media sites! This person has become very famous on social media sites and was a hot topic for a long time.

Chandrakala is an IAS officer who is the one and the only woman who has gained quick recognition. Social media is the platform where public figures come into the view and make their impressions. Whether a celebrity or a professional can attract people with their affirmative speech or beautiful personality! Chandrakala deserves the fame as she has her own significance to become such a familiar person with hard work & social media strategies

Chandrakala and her popularity

  • Persons who serve the public and offer their sincere services are able to obtain mere attraction of the society through social media. It is a good medium to deliver powerful messages, impressive images, and result oriented performance.
  • Social media helps to spread awareness about every topic, especially stars get effective result.
  • Chandrakala is a member of Indian Administration Services and works as an officer from Uttar Pradesh and renowned for her effective personality. She is recognized for her ability to become an IAS who is hailed from a Banjara tribe society.
  • Her hard work and sincerity made her ‘Lady Dabang’ and a hero on social media. She has great publicity with a huge number of fans and followers on various social media sites.


Facebook page fan/ followers – 8,592,133 Likes ( 1 Feb , 2019 )
Twitter Followers – 905000 Followers ( 1 Feb , 2019 )

A doctor, a respectable professional may also be a social media hero

Actually, social media helps to share things with friends, professionals, and the entire society. When news is great when it happened, it becomes viral in a very short span of time.

There is no limitation or obstruction to spread awareness and views throughout the world…yes the whole world. When every individual can become a special hero on social media platforms with own way of exploration, why can’t a doctor become a hero on social media?

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social media for plastic surgeon

Benefits of using social media

There are so many benefits in making a doctor social media hero. For example, a hair transplant surgeon can become famous for his eminent exposure in the field. He can interact with the public to explore new methods of treatment and the latest trends that are going around us.

Followers can gain knowledge regarding so many health events and workshops. Social media is a bridge between doctors and public to connect with issues and their solutions.

As this is the modern digital era with the latest technology, everyone should use this opportunity to get interaction with one another with the help of internet.

How Social Media can Help a doctor –

social media for doctor

  • Gaining new patients & followers who seeks health information on digital platform & network.
  • Interact & build trust among many unknown followers by puting knowledgeable post.
  • Knowing strength by receiving reviews , and work on criticism received by followers.
  • A good video content can get viral on social media which increase doctors reach to many user.
  • Increase consultation via video chat.
  • Increase revenues and converting followers into real time customer

But who can help doctor to become Brand in their respective area & field

  • A strong digital marketing team who has specific experience in healthcare marketing.
  • Who understand medical content strategy and their depth like which content is read by maximum healthcare online readers.
  • Who has technically strong certification in online marketing like Google Certified
  • Who has knowledge of current competition of healthcare and how to beat that

If you are doctor or clinic manager / what are you thinking next ??
Collaborate with Oxzin and see yourself ahead of market !!Talk with us if your clinic is facing , revenues deficit , less patient , less conversion , No website/ not optimized website , very low social media followers ..

Disclaimer* – Purpose of this article is to create awareness of social media, bring awareness in administration and engagement in healthcare industry .


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