Are hash tag useful for medical social media marketing for Health-care/ cosmetic surgeon/hair transplant surgeon?

21 01-2015
Are hash tag useful for medical social media marketing for Health-care/ cosmetic surgeon/hair transplant surgeon?


Do you find it weird to see a hashtag in the middle of a paragraph while reading some content on social media? I wonder sometimes why people write ‘Thank you #ABC’ instead of simply saying Thank you ABC. Even if it seems to be a little eccentric, using hashtags has a lot of benefits on social media. You may choose to hashtag any keyword in your post in the beginning, middle or end of the post. The has tagged word will be more visible when someone searches for it on the internet. In case you click on a hash tagged message on social media then all the messages that contain the same keyword will be visible and it becomes easier to search for the relevant information.

Hashtags and Medical Marketing

Hashtags are very useful in effective social media marketing. By hash tagging a keyword you have effectively joined the community of all the users who are interested in knowing about that particular concept. This is very much true for a medical practice as well.

Let’s illustrate this by using an example. Lets assume that you would like to market your cosmetic surgery solution or say liposuction. Then you can post messages on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and others by hash tagging liposuction. You may post ‘ Looking forward to get a great body- try out #liposuction today and examine the results’. This way you have effectively reached out to the whole community that is interested in knowing about liposuction. You may also choose to hashtag your medical practice to create a community of people who are interested in all the solutions provided by your practice. So you may say ‘Try out #Liposuction today at #ABC Clinic”. This way you have created Liposuction as one keyword and your clinic another one.



Tips to use Hashtags effectively

As illustrated above, hashtags can be really powerful in social media marketing. However they need to be used intelligently to reap their full benefit. Some of the dos and donts while using hashtags are mentioned below.

  1. Do not use too may hashtags in a single post. Then the effectiveness of the keywords is lost any your message will appear in too many searches, rendering it less useful
  2. Do not use too long hashtags. Ideally the hashtag should be used before a single keyword or maximum two words
  3. Do not separate two words in a hashtag with space. In case you do that then only the first word will be used as the keyword and the second one will not be considered
  4. Keep the message using the keyword simple. They are more likely to be found out then
  5. Check the spelling of the keyword before hash tagging them!

Hashtagging has become a really well used tool in today’s world of social media marketing. This is because so much of information is available on the internet that it is next to impossible to reach the relevant information quickly. Hashtags help in removing this hurdle during search and has thus become a very effective tool in medical media marketing as well.

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