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Are Doctors Losing Some Online Patients Because of HTTPs ?

If you are a doctor you should definitely know the value of a website and how important it is to have a safe and secure website. According to the latest research, mostly the visitors on a website leaves the page in few second finding the website unsecured, so for this, your website needs to be HTTPs secured which provides security from unwanted hackers to your website.

What is HTTPs?

HTTPs is a way to encrypt information that you send between a browser and a server, it safeguards your website users from unwanted attacks like hackers who can steal the information that a user sent to a website. HTTPs makes your website secure by implementing secure connections to it.

Benefits of an HTTPs Secure Website

Increased Google Rankings

According to a recent research, over 40-50% of the sites on the first page of google are HTTPs secured, as google focuses to provide the best user experience for their customers, thus their ranking algorithm favours HTTPs sites. So as cosmetic/plastic surgeons, dermatologists, if your website is not secured it could be getting outranked by similar sites.

Upgraded Security

In today’s world, things are changing drastically and so the cyber crimes, thus having HTTPs your users’ information as well as your information from the hackers. Looking from the aspect of a doctor you need to protect your leads from the hackers who can sell your leads to other competitors.

Increased Conversions

It is obvious that not everyone has the technical knowledge about secure connections, but it is the basic understanding of humans now that they want a site to be HTTPs if they are filling personal information in any form, most of the premium visitors are not ready to share their data via website form and can go away after seeing “Not secured” in Google Chrome Browser, and if your website is HTTPs secured then you will get more conversions likewise the unsecured ones.

How Oxzin will help you turn your website secure?

So doctors are you ready to secure your website with HTTPs? If yes, then Oxzin will help you out to do so! We have a team of experts who initiates to make your website HTTPs secured from every aspect. With the HTTPs website, we focus on the following.

  • WordPress Optimized: Our team of experts not only focuses to make your website HTTPs secured but also optimizes it with WordPress to provide optimal load times, easy updates and basic security measures.
  • Development Support: It is our core focus to make increase your leads as well as conversions, thus we provide full development support to our clients.
  • Digital Marketing: With this increased competition, it is important for cosmetic/plastic surgeons, dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeon to get their website on the top rankings of Google, as well as updated on social platforms. So we at Oxzin helps you from all the prospects of digital marketing to convert maximum leads into your potential patients.

So Doctors/Surgeons are you ready to get the maximum number of patients with a secure website?

Doctors, start your strategic business planning with us with a secured website to get the maximum number of patients, get in connection with us to know in details. Our team of experts will feel enthusiastic to work with doctors like you.

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