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5 Ways to Interact Your Patient With Your Informative Blog Post : Plastic Surgeons

Advancement in technologies causes Social Media (How to Engage Patients Through Social Media) that has change the way we communicate with the different people with the profiles associated with them. A blog or social networking site is having that power which boost the people engagement over the post content in it. If we consider this with respect to Plastic Surgery then the valuable patient engagement is all about quality over quantity on the blog.

Again , it is very obvious that while content creation, quality should be maintain in order to engage patient.

Blog is “lean forward” and “participating medium”. Television is “lean back” and “non participating medium”.


“The incredible features which would enhance patient’s interaction in a blog are:”

  • 1. Strategically Highlight Content :

    Important concepts should be mention so that the patient will able to pick out and scan the most important information at a glance.

    Every thing should not be highlighted .Emphasize on the key points which can quickly choose.

  • 2. Power Of Numbers :

    You have seen in many sites or blog where there it has mention like- some of the ways you can use numbers to make the post inviting.


    “Numbers are effective way to keep the patient oriented towards the blog”




  • 3. Maintain Consistency And Reliability :

    “Consistency is a key factor which helps us in maintaining and building a patient’s trust”. They will consistently return to consume it definitely if the delivery of insightful and valuable content is consistent.


    “Reliability is an important factors which would engage patient towards the quality of content”.

    If you provide quality content on a particular day then the patient will return on the next same day to read it so credibility has to built up until that point.

  • 4. Include Visual, Contests And Giveaways:

    There is no doubt that the impact of images or graphics has some serious advantage on blogs. While creating info-graphic a patient will clearly understand and able to interpret the idea behind that and share it.

  • The great idea about using contests and giveaways it engage the patient on blog in such a way that they usually like receiving a price of recognition. So likewise utilize some classic and easy method which wil l generate buzz around your blog.

    “The act of creation- A visual language so impactful, it carries & conveys the perfect message.”

    cosmetic surgery

  • 5.Making Content Snappy:

    Topic choose is like not complex and break it into series of posts which makes the patient easier to read the content if they get it in controlled sizes.


    “Patient scan web pages rather than reading in detail and work with reality rather than fighting it.”

    Paragraphs contain in blog post should be in inverted pyramid style which means stating your conclusion and collaborate with the statements that follow. This helps them to move from point to point and decide accordingly.

    Hence once Plastic Surgeon plotted their ideas and key milestones then it would be easier to categorize how would they like each post to engage with their patient.

    “It takes only a few minute to convert a blog post from the overwhelming mass of gray text to something that engages the patient and pulls them in”.


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