3 Reasons Why Cosmetic Clinic Needs Facebook Business Page

07 10-2016
3 Reasons Why Cosmetic Clinic Needs Facebook Business Page


Social Media is all about seeing and being seen widely. So it’s not surprising that ubiquity and frequency of post makes online availability more happening. The social media platform is so deeply embedded in everyday life that most of the company recognize that Facebook marketing is the core part of their over all marketing strategy.

According to the recent study it is show that Facebook Business page bring a tremendous growth for plastic and cosmetic surgeon for making online presence, said their “Facebook Page had a very positive impact on their business.”


What is Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Business Page allows cosmetic surgeon to expand their services widely and create engagement for current audience. If you already have a website and searching for the ways to boost your business, then Facebook marketing and social media marketing is the best option.

By your Facebook business page interested patients can easily be in your reach, you can add contact details, portfolio of before after images, gather reviews from clients and much more. A great place for aesthetic practice and to start a connection with potential patients.



(1). The Main Advantages Of Facebook Page

According to 2015 study published in the medical journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,”

  • Enhancement in patients communication/feedback (77%)
  • Increased practice exposure (67%)


(2). The Power Of Facebook For Business-

In case still you are not aware about the power of Facebook, here are some current stats about the social media marketing-

  • Nearly 60% of people search for Facebook business page before making an appointment or buy from the business.
  • 49% Facebook users says that they like business page to support them or to make their online presence more strong. They connect themselves with particular brand by doing like and sharing post, it means people are willing to align themselves with a brand without any financial incentives.
  • 27% of 18-29 year olds have more than 500 friends in their network, so that means their interaction with your business page displayed on wider network , this helps in greater visibility and reach.
  • Every minute 3 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook.


Now you can imagine how your Facebook business page marketing plays a milestone for any cosmetic surgeon to move a step ahead.

Facebook marketing has its own significant role in brand online exposure, cosmetic surgeon can communicate and make positive impact by following these three approaches:-

1. Turn your Facebook into review portal- Online reviews is a most important driver of business for cosmetic surgeons. People can share or comment their views as a feedback for your aesthetic practice.
89% people trust on online reviews
Before making an appointment, most of the patients refer reviews to make their decisions.

2. Communicate with content- Most of the potential cosmetic surgery patients search for treatment, surgeons and procedure online. So Facebook page is the perfect place for sharing post and information regarding any treatment that reach easily to any patients who are directly or indirectly connected to page.
Some of the examples of social media marketing for cosmetic surgeons are-
Post informational videos of procedure for avail offer.
Videos featuring about your office and staff.
Article, blog or e-book that directly link to your website.
Clinics results in the form of real before after images.

3. Target cosmetic surgery patients by Facebook ads- Facebook ads are another way of reaching to interested patients. Cosmetic surgeons use Facebook ads with attractive images to increase engagement of targeted audience. This are ads are appear on the news feed of people who are likely interested in your services.


(3). Benefits Of Facebook Business Page For Your Cosmetic Clinic

In a cosmetic industry, people obsessed with their look and for latest celebrity treatment Facebook become a fantasy platform to discuss, share and advertise for services. The main benefit are-

Brand Awareness – Allowing your clinic to be discover-able on Facebook for latest techniques used for surgeries that reach to wider audience.

Engagement – Make people busy or engaged with your daily updation. Because people who like your page means they are interested in your services now or later, so by creating page you can maintain a healthy relation with current patients.

Search Engine Optimization – Creating business page on Facebook and seen to be active this will also helps in ranking your page in Google when search your page.

These is the importance of Facebook Business Page in gaining insight audience for cosmetic surgeons.
10 Easy Steps To Create Attractive Facebook Bussiness Page.

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