13 Key Factors Considered by Cosmetic Surgeon To Update Their Website in 2017

21 12-2016
13 Key Factors Considered by Cosmetic Surgeon To Update Their Website in 2017


“It is fact that strong and smooth hair is dream of every person but in current time what we found , hair loss as serious issue in both men and women . So there is a need of plastic surgeon to offer patients a doorway into their practice and provide an opportunity to make best plastic surgery website design into perfect first impression. They should provide a content which is reader friendly and search engine optimized, towards your patient educational and conversational experience which will boost the chance of finding easily on search engine.”.

Top 13 Signs Should Consider by Cosmetic Surgeon while updating their website are:
13 Key Reasons Are-

    • 1. Mobile friendly: As we know that people are addicted towards smart phones such that they use to do all their work with these gadgets and with the help of Google Analytics we are able to find the amount of traffic reach to our cosmetic surgery website .Therefore it should be responsive , completely navigable with thumb.

    • 2. Testimonials: Every patient is having keen desire to see the doctor’s achievement and result with respect to problem associated. So cosmetic surgeon should add pre and post images after the treatment which impact a lot on patient’s mind.

    • 3. Include Videos: Cosmetic surgery website design will become best if there will be live demonstration or videos included because it will clearly define the treatment with its module .
    • 4. Social Media Icons in Working Mode: Due to advancement in technology whole world revolve around social media .The reason behind this is if you want patient talking about your services then it is necessary to make the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ,LinkedIn and many more icons in your website active so that patient easily click on it and share their feedback.

    • 5. Need of Contact Form : The medical website design company always use to add contact form in their website so that the patient is having any query with respect to their treatment then they can fill the form and forward it which their queries will be serve by the team of expert.

    • 6. Short and Sweet Content: Sometimes people fall in love with those content which is short and sweet such that clearly define the goals and prospective of patients they want to see such as before -after images, graphical animation.
    • 7. Less Load Time Of Website: A special care should be taken by cosmetic surgeon that while opening of website it should not take more time to load completely because it is also reason for diverting a patient to the other sites.
    • 8. Press Release Update : As we all know patients are more interested in what is the current happening in clinic with respect to offers, treatment so it will be better if cosmetic surgeon to update the current news in blogs and social networking sites so that patient will able to know the information.
    • 9. Outdated Technologies: Website technology is considered as past if it has a slow loading time and we all know that mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads do not support flash. Therefore to bring animation and other interactive characteristics HTML5 is a latest technology which can be use to deliver same feature and is mobile friendly.
  • 10. Clinic Map: The well define address of the clinic should be placed on the website which could help the patient to reach the clinic easily.
  • 11. Before/After Treatment Images: As a patient point of view a cosmetic surgeon should mention the images of other treated patient who has undergone surgeries so that the entire result should be clearly mention.
    • 12. Conversion Rate: The highest percentage of potential patients is an art which can leads them to visit your website to contact you and no one is better that time than us. A website should plan by the cosmetic surgeon in such a way that the entire traffic should find uniqueness in the content and with the queries in their mind they reach to the team of surgeons through contact form which directly affects the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate.

  • 13. Certification: Various degrees and experiences should be mentioned about the doctors and its team of expert which is also helpful for patient to know the facts.


In conclusion updating website with these keys features allowing a patient to enter their email , helps to get valuable content from you which increases the chance of success in future.

“ Patient’s mind once stretched by a new idea , never regain its original dimensions.”

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