10 Ways to Use Offers, Coupons, Discounts for Cosmetic Clinics

07 12-2017
10 Ways to Use Offers, Coupons, Discounts for Cosmetic Clinics

“Nowadays, cosmetic and hair restoration clinics are trying to search the ways that can increase the visits, leads, and conversions. Discounts and offers are the widely used ways most of the clinics are utilizing offers smartly. However, using discounts or offers without a good plan can result in unfavorable results. Thus, it is better the clinics hire a Digital Marketing Agency for balancing the pros and cons of offers and discounts. Offers are used mainly to attract leads and increase customer loyalty and there are various ways to use offers that are used by Digital Marketing Agencies for the clients.”

Here we are making you familiar with 10 effective, essential, and beneficial ways to use offers for cosmetic and hair restoration clinics:

  • Percentage based Discount (3)1. Percentage Based Discount: According to the marketing goals of the clinic, the Digital Marketing Agencies set the discount value in odd / even form like 5% or 10%. The discount can be smaller in the form of incentives and benefits or we can offer larger discounts like 20% to 40% when we hope for a greater conversion rate.
  • pick and drop2. Free Pick And Drop Facility: This is a great offer for the patients who are not near your clinic. People are more likely to come to your clinic if they know you provide a pick and drop facility.
  • free gift3. Free Gift: People are highly interested in free offers and gifts. So you can provide a minor treatment procedure free with the main treatment procedure.

    Example: A PRP sessions with hair transplant surgery.
  • Weekly Monthly Offer4. Weekly/Monthly Offer: Providing an offer for a week or months is also an effective offer for attracting leads or finalize the deal. Such offers must have an expiry date to make the patients more excited.
  • Prebooking  Offer5. Prebooking Offer: Present your offers with the help of a pre-booking plan. Pre-booking plans generally attract more traffic and make the conversion rate faster.
  • holidays and Seasons (3)6. Holiday/Season Offer: Seasonal or occasional offers are always preferred by the patients. For example: when the conditions are harsh due to hot or cold weather, you can invite the patients to come to the clinic for a free checkup of the scalp and hair and moreover, you can offer a PRP session if they are found facing seasonal hair loss.
  • Linking  Reference Offer 7. Offers For Linking/Reference: Wise patients like to talk to friends, relatives, and most importantly former patients when they are going to have the hair treatment in a clinic. Therefore, referrals can be linked to an offer to create more profit.

    Example: You can offer a free laser removal treatment if the person brings 10 patients to the clinic.
  • Free Consultation8. Free Consultation: For a certain period time or a certain day in a week, you can offer free consultation on certain criteria. The clinic must mention the benefits of a free consultation clearly.
  • Custmore Loyalty Offer9. Customer Loyalty Offer: Some gifts or offers are secured for only loyal customers. You can make a list of your prime customers and always treat them specially. Your loyal customers are going to choose your clinic for any treatment and some references are also possible from them.
  • Coupon10. Coupon: Providing coupons is a good idea to recognize your loyal customers and the leads who are genuinely interested in your clinic. Tell all of your benefitted customers to bring the coupon always whenever they come to the clinic. Similarly, providing Treatment vouchers for using in the future.

All of these offers are extremely beneficial and generally offered only to loyal customers of the clinics. Digital Marketing Agencies recommend that when you offer a gift, plan, or discount, provide clear information about the offer with all the terms and conditions. Some of the experts agree that in specific conditions doubling the offers is more beneficial than a single offer. For example, if the customer wishes to have the hair transplant, you may reduce the charges of laser treatment.

Tourism offers:

It is very easy to attract the customers who are near but for a clinic, converting a lead from other city is a daunting task. Our marketing agency is capable of converting such leads by planning special tourism offers.

To sum up, Offering discounts or plans is not as simple as it seems and it needs utmost care when it is applied. Oxzin Digital Marketing Agency has been doing the same for years by planning suitable offers for small or large clinics. As a cosmetic clinic, you can be the next to boost your sales by using offers and discounts.

Oxzin Infotech Pvt Ltd is India’s finest Digital Marketing Company working dedicatedly for Cosmetic Surgeon / Plastic Surgeons and helps their business to grow online by leaps and bounds.

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