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10 Reason , Why Are You Losing bunch of profit if you are skipping Digital Marketing

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 Some of the statistics that will show the forecasting about the expansion and scope digital marketing will capture:
135 billion dollars are spend in advertising in Digital Marketing resources.

• 25% of the whole advertising spend market will be impelled by Internet marketing

• 78% of CMO (Chief Marketing Officers) accept that creating custom content will be on way to succeed online in the future

• Budgets for social media marketing services are expecting to double over the next five years

• Combining both social media sharing with email marketing messages can gain click-through rates by 158%

• Content marketing is flattering more essential as evidenced by the fact that 50% of companies are investing this growing online trend.


• 72% of marketing professional are planning to change pay per click advertising spend this year comparability to the last year spend.

• Approximately 33% of all traffic spring up from organic search on Google goes to the first listing.

• 52% of all marketing professionals GET a customer via Facebook’s social media platform last year.

• Blogging is more frequently can track to increased lead generation:

                             B2B companies yield 67% more leads than businesses that do not blog

• 43% of all marketing professionals were capable to efficaciously leverage Linked-in’s social networking capabilities to create customers.

• A video utilized strategically on a landing page can assist increase transformation rates by 86%

• Inbound marketing make 54% more leads than traditional outbound tactics, which understandably depicts how creditable SEO, social media, and content marketing turn up to be if you make any investment in them.

If You want to acquire Digital Marketing Market , Oxzin can build a market of online customers for you. Our Mission is to design develop and grow up your organization according to your requirements through online, and make a great success of your web appearance .

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